Product details

Mainstays Artifical potted hanging ivy with black plastic pot look realistic and have real touch leaves, they added some extra greenery to the room which makes all rooms brighter. They wipe off easily if you need to clean them. add a greenery to your bathroom and they look super cute! work perfectly for what you wanted them for. Great for small spaces!

Featrues:  1.Love these artificial greenery,Don’t need water and great value. you can’t keep a nature plant alone to save their life so these were the perfect addition to your indoor windowsill.

2.Real touch feeling Ivy leaf bunch artificial greenery evergreen plant for any occasion centerpieces decorative greenery. – This full and luscious faux plant in green is easily bendable, perfect for outdoor arrangements. Use this flexible green bush to create a colorful centerpiece for outside decor.

3.All seasons are green,all year round decor,ideal for table use
4.Perfect for home,office,commercial area,party,hotel,interior decoration and etc
5.Stable cement base,prevent wind blow it down
6.Adjustable appearance,no need to be re-shaped when removed from box.

Heads Count: 108leaves.

Finish & Color: Green. P

roduct Size: H 22.8inch.

Product Weight: 0.365kgs.

Structure: snap-on.

Material: plastic pe&pp&peva Accessories: na.

Key Production Process: silk-screen, cutting, heat molding, injection, assemble

Site: indoor windowsill, office table, canteen